Dr Kishani HendersonSpecialisation: Veterinarian Mail:  kingswayvet@bigpond.com Phone: (08) 9309 9993 Biography

Dr Kishani Henderson


Ignatius graduated from the University of Pretoria in South Africa. I have gained a lot of small animal experience in my 20 years of general practice. I am particularly interested in orthopaedics and surgery.

Meg started training through applied vocational training  and working at Kingsway vet in 2017. Her favourite part of the job is giving pets cuddles and meeting pets and their families. She enjoys getting to learn from and work with the amazing team at Kingsway.

Dr Laura Milner


Laura graduated from Glasgow University in 1995 and worked in the UK in mixed and small animal practice. In 2005 she moved to the warmer climate of Perth with her hound and elderly cat and continued working in small animal practice.

Danielle graduated in 2006 and has been working at Kingsway Veterinary Centre and running the Puppy Development program since 2005. Danielle has many interests in the veterinary field including behaviour, nutrition and preventative medicine.

Allison has been working at Kingsway Veterinary Centre since March 2013 and completed her Veterinary Nursing qualification through Applied Vocational Training in December 2012.

Dr Petra Connell


Petra has worked at Kingsway Vets since her graduation from Murdoch University in 2015. She is passionate about all aspects of veterinary medicine, although she has a particular interest in the care of the geriatric pet and is a self-proclaimed cat lady.

Lynda Vet Nurse

Lynda graduated from Polytechnic West in 2013 and began working at Kingsway Veterinary Centre in the same year. Lynda shares her life with her two dogs Junior aged 12yrs and Baby 13yrs.

Karen graduated from Polytechnic West in 2015 but has been working for the clinic for past 4 years.  Although Karen prides herself in customer service, Karen is well known to place her emphasis on Animals before Humans.